Grosse Pointe Woods, MI- Cobau Engineering is pleased to announce the grand re-opening of their Grosse Pointe Woods office at 20233 Mack Avenue. This office has been redesigned to better serve customers and improve engagement with partners. The new office features the latest video conferencing equipment to allow for intricate design coordination, collaborative presentations, and efficient virtual meetings. This renovation includes major upgrades to the firm’s design and engineering computer systems and software. In addition to the client focused enhancements; upgrades for the employees at Cobau Engineering have been added. A new lounge and cafeteria space will allow the firm to recruit and retain the finest talent. These upgrades will allow the firm to continue to offer cutting edge solutions to their clients.

Cobau Engineering is the Michigan-based, United States Dealer for Climate Control Systems, located in Leamington, Ontario Canada. Climate Control Systems has been a crop growing innovator, and leader in agricultural automation since 1985. As a team, the two companies offer an engineered approach to the automation needs of indoor growers and greenhouse operators. Cobau Engineering has secured contracts with some of the newest and largest indoor growing operations being built today. These customers will utilize Climate Control System’s equipment. The team has over 35 years of experience in the growing field with the latest computer solutions, along with over 60 years of combined control-driven engineering.

Cultivation managers are tasked with controlling irrigation, environmental control, and nutrient supply for their crops. For both large and small facilities, these tasks can be extremely time consuming and difficult. Many growers are forced to spend more than 50% of their time optimizing these controls by hand. Frequent mistakes diminish crop quality and yields, however through automation systems the data derived from the plants and environment is network capable. This allows the cultivator to simplify these complicated tasks. If a grow operation has well designed and proven systems installed, these complex tasks can be reduced to take 20% or less of the grower’s time. This allows much more time to work on optimizing the crop’s quality and increasing yields.

The initial phase of a project starts with a detailed consultation, which leads to a customized design that can be implemented by the owner, their contractor, or the Cobau Engineering team. Growers find success with the hands-on detailed attention their projects deserve and receive. By partnering with Cobau Engineering and Climate Control Systems, clients share the vision of delivering smarter, cost efficient sustainable water solutions and advanced growing capabilities. They engineer state of the art “Industrial Internet of Things” technology through internet accessible systems which automate agriculture’s most difficult tasks, helping clients flourish through the growth and overall improvement of their plant health. The systems are installed with a joint effort of guaranteeing success.