Climate Control Systems

Mold is one of every growers’ biggest concerns. Mold is caused by the moisture in the air condensing on plant leaves. Mold can cause crop failure or can cause crops to lose most of their value. The climate manager allows the grower to control his environment by vapor pressure deficit. By using this feature the grower can control temperature and humidity to keep his crop out of the mold zone. This feature gives the grower peace of mind and ensures no mold can grow.

Plants require light and CO2 to grow. The Climate Manager™ system maximizes these variables in indoor grow facilities and greenhouses.

This system’s internet capabilities allow the growing conditions to be monitored and controlled remotely.

Each Climate Manager system is custom designed for each grow facility and includes only the features required for that installation. This allows different systems to be offered at a great price for each set of options.

Indoor grow sites require light timing, temperature, humidity, ventilation, irrigation, and CO2 level control. This control is offered in one package with the climate manager. If requested, the Climate Manager™ can communicate with independent HVAC control systems purchased with the HVAC units. This allows the grower to have a single point of monitoring and control.

Greenhouses can require additional controls. Greenhouses require a weather station to monitor outdoor conditions. They use a light sensor to measure the indoor light level. Depending on the design, there are different vent, curtain and shade controls required. Some sites require misting programs. The Climate Manager™ is designed so the grower can have the perfect system supplied.

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