Water Recycling with Ozone

Biofilm is a slimy scale that grows in the irrigation equipment for almost all growing operations. This film can clog emitters and cause crop failure or variations in the crop because of partial clogging. The Ozone Pro destroys biofilm and allows for recycling of water. An Ozone Pro also adds needed oxygen to the crop’s roots. A third advantage is a reduction in fertilizer costs which can be achieved through water recycling.

Many growers recycle their irrigation water. This can cause a build up of biofilm in their water handling system. The water can become contaminated with other organic materials. The best solution to destroy these contaminates is ozone. When used with the proper filtering system, ozone will dissolve all organic materials, destroy biofilm and leave unused mineral nutrients intact. This has the added benefit of saving the grower money on the cost of fertilizer.

The Ozone Pro™ system works with the Fertigation Manager™ system to blend this recycled water back into the fertigation water with the correct concentration of nutrients.

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