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Direct Injection

Our most popular product is an automated direct injection Fertigation Machine. This is system which stores recipes, pumps an exact recipe of nutrients to the plants, and monitors the solution being delivered.  This system eliminates production of individual batches of irrigation water and the need for batch tanks.  It is extremely popular with growers who like to vary the feed concentration to their plants depending on the age of the crop.  It has zone controls so that crops in different stages of growth can be fed off the same system without any additional work.  Many growers use this system’s internet capabilities to feed and monitor their plants remotely.

Batch Systems 

Other growers prefer to use a batch system.  These systems use a series of storage tanks to store irrigation water.  The water is then pumped to the crop on a set irrigation schedule.   These systems can mix the nutrient mixture using A and B premixed formulas or dissolved nutrient salts.

Mechanical Injection 

For some cultivators, the best option is a mechanical direct injection system.  These systems work best with crops with consistent nutrient requirements.  They can save the grower time and labor by simplifying a consistent nutrient addition.

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Automated Batch Systems

Mechanical Injection Systems