Cannabis Cultivation & Extraction

Cobau Engineering brings solutions to cannabis cultivators, processors, and owners. Cannabis operators face a variety of challenges as they bring the best products to a competitive market. There are complicated decisions to be made regarding equipment layout, irrigation strategy, extraction processes, safety compliance, and engineered controls.



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Cannabis entrepreneurs want to talk to an expert and get a good understanding of the choices and options available. They want to know the advantages of different approaches and what might work best for their situation. Determining the cost and benefits of the many alternative technologies and techniques is difficult. At Cobau Engineering we carefully listen to a customer’s needs and specific situation. We then draw on the team’s extensive experience in the cannabis industry in order to customize systems that best fit into their plans.

Cobau Engineering’s team has helped many growers with plant counts between 72 and 300,000 plants. Our experts can advise on all the aspects of growing and processing. We also offer engineering services for the design of facilities.

Satisfied cultivation customers include:

Dozens of Caregivers

7 Irrigation Systems



For cannabis extraction, we are approved by state officials as 3rd party engineering firm. Our engineers have helped many extraction teams detail their system designs and complete the steps required to pass state and local requirements. Keys design details include air ventilation, gas detection, and pressure relief valves. We can provide designs and solutions for these requirements as needed.

Satisfied extraction certification customers include:

If you are interested in any of the services we offer, please contact us. We look forward to making your business even more profitable, enjoyable, safe, and successful. These companies are all leaders in their fields, and we call upon their expertise when required.

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