Water Treatment

Watts Pure Water Commercial Filtration and Treatment Products

Most plants, especially cannabis, grow better when the water fed to them is clean and able to be manipulated to the exact nutrient recipe that the grower desires. If there is already a high total dissolved solids (TDS) content in the initial water it can be impossible to reach the correct parts per million (PPM) or electrical conductivity (EC) demanded by the fertilizer recipe. Other undesirables found in water that can damage crops and require treatment include high levels of hardness, chlorine, and bacteria. The water treatment solutions provided by Cobau Engineering remove these impurities allowing for more clean and consistent results.

RO Systems

A reverse osmosis (RO) system contains filters and RO membranes. The prefilters before the RO membranes remove chlorine and sediment that can damage the system. The water then passes through the semipermeable membrane under high pressure to remove dissolved solids. After the membranes there is a carbon filter that removes any residual taste or odor.

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are used to remove chlorine, lead, and organic chemicals like pesticides from water. Carbon filters work by removing the contaminants through adsorption. The contaminants are attracted to the carbon and stick to it.

Micro Z Filter

Micro Z is a type of zeolite that allows for better sediment filtration over traditional sediment filter media such as sand. Sediment is trapped in the Micro Z media bed and then flushed to drain during backwash.

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Anti-Scale Filter

Prevent scale build up using an anti-scale filter. Anti-scale filters physically bind hardness ions such as magnesium and calcium together into microscopic crystals to prevent them from forming scale that shortens the lifespan of equipment and appliances.

Water Softening

Water softening equipment is needed when there are high levels of hardness present in the water usually caused by prominent levels of calcium or magnesium. Water softening is traditionally accomplished through the exchange of hardness ions with sodium ions.

UV Sterilization

Ultraviolet light is extremely effective in disinfecting water without the use of hazardous chemicals. The UV light breaks down the cells of disease causing microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and even chlorine resistant protozoa.

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