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Our Fertigation Manager Delivers Recipes of Nutrients and Water to Crops.

All plants need nutrients and water. Delivering the correct amount of each nutrient and water can be a time-consuming task. We offer a variety of fertigation systems which combine exact proportions of nutrients with a measured amount of water to each plant.

Our most popular product is the Fertigation Manager™. This is a system which stores recipes, pumps an exact recipe of nutrients to the plants, and monitors the solution being delivered. This system eliminates the labor of hand making individual batches of irrigation water and the need for batch tanks. It is extremely popular with growers who like to vary the feed concentration to their plants depending on the age of the crop. It has zone controls so that crops in different stages of growth can be fed off the same system without any additional work. Many growers use this system’s internet capabilities to feed and monitor their plants remotely.

A standard Fertigation Manager Includes the following features:

  • Up to 20 nutrient recipes.
  • Up to 12 nutrients can be used to mix these recipes
  • No batch tanks, true inline mixing.
  • Up to 128 zones of irrigation
  • Precise metering and control of irrigation water
  • Precise pH control
  • Precise EC Control
  • Wireless Internet Monitoring and Control
  • Root zone monitoring for EC, Water
  • Content, and Temperature
  • Datalogging of irrigation events

As an option, the fertigation manager can work with a water recycling system to eliminate run off and recycle unused nutrients.

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