Cobau Engineering recently gave a talk about the future of engineering in the cannabis industry to the American Institute of Chemical Engineers at the University of Michigan. The talk consisted of the history of prohibition and current state of the cannabis market, while also looking to the exciting years ahead. There was focus on the high growth of the Michigan Marijuana Market in terms of both revenue and job growth. More importantly, there was robust discussion regarding how this next generation of engineers can get involved in the emerging cannabis industry. We were also lucky enough to have a special guest, Professor Gus Rosania, join us.

Tom Cobau, Head Engineer and Founder, started out by telling his story from being a fellow Michigan Chemical Engineering student to a corporate engineer and how he eventually got involved in the cannabis field. He encouraged the students present to find an occupation that utilizes their top notch engineering skills and can enjoy everyday. “Engineering, especially chemical engineering, can be an extremely difficult and at times an underappreciated profession, however there has never been a greater demand for skilled engineers. There are so many industries that you can now choose from cannabis to the auto industry that you should only accept a position that legitimately interests you,” said Cobau.

The presentation continued to cover the fertigation technology offered by Cobau Engineering. They showed what a system might look like and why it can be so beneficial to a cultivation facility. Included were the case studies conducted by CE and its partners showing how fertigation can increase plant yield and THC content. Cobau Engineering also touched on its other products and services like engineered designs and drawings, water treatment, extraction, and consulting.

School of Pharmacy Professor, Gus Rosania, concluded the presentation with his vision for the future of cannabis in the world and beyond. Additionally, he gave the students ways to get involved in the cannabis industry including Pharm Sci 420, the class on medical marijuana he teaches, and Green Wolverine, a cannabis business club on campus.

Cobau Engineering wants to thank the University of Michigan and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers for graciously hosting them and Professor Rosania for contributing.