Cobau Engineering has been added to a short list of approved 3rd party engineering firms for extraction facilities by The Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA). Cannabis processing facilities in Michigan must pass a final inspection by The Bureau of Fire Services (BFS) in order to obtain approval to open. This inspection has caused many cannabis extractors delays in starting up their facility. Engineered technical reports and field verification required by these inspections need to be stamped by a professional engineer approved by the State. Cobau Engineering is now available to assist any cannabis extraction facility working with the CRA and BFS.

The various methods of processing cannabis are complex and the solvents used can be hazardous. This has caused local building inspectors to be especially cautious about extraction equipment and its approval process. Cobau Engineering has peer reviewed and gotten approval for different types of hydrocarbon, CO2, and ethanol based extraction systems by the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) and the State. Their engineers have experience working with hazardous materials and building inspectors for over 60 years. Cobau Engineering will help you understand and follow all the building codes applicable to extraction.

Building out an extraction facility can be a confusing and difficult process for an extractor. Depending on the type of extraction, C1D1/C1D2 ratings, fire suppression, ventilation, gas detection, and interlocks may be required. There are a variety of extraction booths and pods on the market that satisfy these standards. They can also be satisfied with a properly engineered room. Cobau Engineering can help extractors navigate this process and design their facility to follow all classifications and codes. Engineers from the company are able to custom design these spaces for each extractor based on their setup. This ensures that the extraction space is safe and follows the exact requirements pertaining to the solvent being used. An engineer is available to do field verifications and meet with any inspectors to ensure prompt startup.

Cobau Engineering is located in Southeast Michigan and primarily works with cultivators and extractors in the cannabis industry. The Cobau Engineering Team has helped grows with plant counts from 72 to over 300,000. Their experts advise on all the aspects of growing and processing.